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2 Jul 2018

Winter Solstice 2018 – Signs are everywhere, if we are open to seeing them…

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Happy New Year!

We were gifted the most gorgeous sunny day here in the South for Winter Solstice. I had a really beautiful day, not just because of the sunshine, or even because the magnolia started to burst into bloom just in time for it. It was especially beautiful because I got the best reminder about the nature of signs, and it made me feel totally loved and supported by the universe. By life.

A little back story. I recently wrote in my latest newsletter about changes happening in my work. (You can read that HERE if you missed it…)

But the truth is that I’ve seen these changes coming for a while.

Like, years.

Things don’t always go to plan…

3 years ago on the Winter Solstice, I did my ‘first’ live online healing session. It was a technical failure. And a total personal triumph. At the end of the hour, I was dancing in delight, happy tears and all, around my living room. Why on earth would I be dancing over something that ‘didn’t work’?

Because I showed up. I overcame huge fears to be there, ready to do it. Turned out I didn’t know enough about the technology to solve the hitch while live – but I used everything I did know, to put out a recording, within an hour, so everyone who signed up could still have the healing that night. But I was happy mostly because I chose to see it as perfect, and I was literally laughing out loud about how far I had come in my life, in the choices I make about how I’m telling the story. Later, several people made of point of letting me know they’d done the healing right before going to sleep, and that the timing was much better!

3 years down the track, I’ve come full circle back around to that intent. 

You see, I have these amazing healing sessions with people. And I get to see their beautiful souls, and how their lives are unfolding in perfect ways even when they don’t think they are. But I also get to see patterns. I’ve often finished a days healing thinking “WOW. What if I could get those 5 people in the same room?” I can’t tell people that things they are going through are mirroring what other people are going through at the same time, because I never share anyone else’s story. It’s not all the same, but there are themes. I often have wished I could share in more specific ways that you’re not alone with what’s coming up.

I get to see the magic of that. And I really, really love the idea of you guys seeing it too!

There’s themes in our collective healing journey that we can all shift together. And when we do, we feel more than just ‘not alone’. We feel the power and potency of us all connecting.

So…..Group Healings are starting in the Spring!

The signs are really clear. We’re all being called to step up, step forward, to share who we really are. And this is how it’s showing up for me. I tell you this story because I hope you get a really important message about signs. They are personal. They speak to you in ways that won’t make a lot of sense to anyone else. It’s subtle but in your face at the same time – when you get a sign, you really can’t deny how clever life is at getting them to you! But you could write it off – it’s just co-incidence – and carry on merrily ignoring it. But how much rich magic of life are you missing out on if you do?

So…here I am this Winter Solstice, closing Hot Stone Massage so I can focus entirely on this new healing journey. I’ve been offered a small sleepout to use as my studio. I’m calling it ‘Tania’s Temple’, because it’s a sacred space where I’ll be beaming healing transmissions out to people like you – Conscious Creators who want to tune in and receive healing support, and insight into the shifts we’re all having. I asked my man if he had some paint I could use. A soft off-white colour. So off he went, and looked through all his paint. Paint he’s had for years.

And he brings me a paint called….wait for it…. ‘Titania’.

Well HELLO. This paint has my name on it!!

You gotta laugh..it’s too good! I explain that Titania is The Fairy Queen from a Midsummer Night’s Dream, that my name means ‘the fairy queen’. That really touched my heart, because I have a long history of working with ‘the fairies’ a.k.a. Nature Spirits, through my work with producing Essences – vibrational healing remedies co-created with Nature. (And in my whole life, let’s be honest!)

Also about 3 years ago, I returned all the Mother Essences I had made to the springs that had birthed them. Te Waikoropupu springs nurtured me through a huge healing process in my life, and taught me that everything is vibration. The hours I spent making essences were magical and blissful. And when I never succeeded at ‘producing’ a professional range and selling them, it was one of those things in my life I felt like I had ‘failed’ at. (It was a loooong lesson learnt about how we aren’t meant to struggle for our life purpose!) Letting them go was a relief, and it kinda hurt too. It was like saying goodbye to a dream, but at the same time I knew I had received everything I needed from them. I just didn’t need to keep vibrations in bottles anymore – I had access to all healing vibrations, all the time. It was a leap of faith though – letting go of the tangible work I had done, because I could have looked at it like “I’ve got nothing to show for all those years now”. But I just had this feeling deep down that there was other ways I would be working, even if I wasn’t sure how that would look.

But back to the creation of the temple. The painting. So I don’t have quite enough paint. I ask the man if he has a little more soft, off-white paint anywhere. Off he goes, and he comes back with another one. We look at the colour, and it’s perfect! It’s even warmer and nicer, and so we are mixing and painting away happily…

and I say:

“Oh yeah! So what’s that one called? Let me guess: ‘Solstice’! Or ‘Winter’ or something…”

and he says:

Pupu Springs

I actually got those happy lil’ tears again. And laughed out loud. This is the key thing. These signs span years of time. How the heck does that work? That he has those very paints, years before I turn up, waiting for me?! The components that had to work together here are really quite astounding. There’s me needing a new space, him saving the paint, the people that didn’t use all the paint before me, the people that choose the names of paint, Shakespeare naming his fairy queen, my parents naming me Tania….that’s just a few of them! Mostly, it’s that I again showed up, ready and willing to take a leap of faith into new territory – and life came right back at me with unmistakable signs that everything is in alignment.

I’m telling you this because I really want you to see the signs that life is sending you. I want you to let them touch your heart. My signs won’t mean much to you – that’s totally appropriate. And nobody descended from the sky and spoke to me – signs come in subtle ways, and they aren’t rational. A cynical person is easily able to write things off. But that’s not you my friend…

So let’s remember:

  • Signs come in weird loops over time. Often, years along the track, we’ll get a sign that we’re still on the perfect path, even if we thought things had gone awry.
  • Sometimes, the reverse is also true! We can get a clear sign that ‘we’re on the right track’, but we forget that the track is our whole lifetime. Often we’re taking exactly the right actions but the outcome won’t fully blossom until the timing is better.
  • Signs are personal. What means something to me may mean nothing at all to you. Don’t expect everyone to be as excited about your signs as you are! So don’t let their responses cause you doubt.
  • Signs often send little shivers down your spine, or make your hairs stand on end. You just know. Let it touch your heart too, and really receive the energy of the sign. Let yourself feel how awesome it is that you showed up, at the right place right time. You’re in the flow so celebrate that.
  • Life is all about your perspective. You can see anything working or not working out as you planned, as success or failure – but what if everything you ever learn is somehow related to your life’s purpose?

So much more has happened than I can share in a blog post, or all the blog posts I ever write. It’s the same for you – if you’re paying attention.

So my temple is becoming. I’m getting ready to share with you, live online, group healing sessions. This work has been years in coming, and it’s going to bring in everything I’ve ever learned over 20 years and a lifetime.

You don’t need to wait for these to start to have healing though – distance sessions are available right now, wherever you are. Contact me HERE to book your session.

Want to know more? You can find out HERE.

And I will look forward to our first group healing starting in the Spring! See you there – keep in touch with me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM to be included in the group, and make sure you’re signed up to my newsletters to hear about it first. You can sign up HERE.




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