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5 Jul 2018

Life Changing Bread! Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread recipe

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Here’s a Buckwheat Bread recipe you’ll want to keep on the fridge. I call it “Life Changing Bread” or “Bread-free Bread”. It’s made from 3 ingredients, and although it takes a day and a half to make, it really only takes about 10 minutes. A little planning ahead is all it takes to make the easiest bread you’ll ever make.

No kneading! No yeast! And best of all, no gluten. This recipe will make a loaf like the smaller loaf in the image above.


3 cups of Buckwheat Groats

1 teaspoon of Salt

1 cup of Water, or Water Kefir, for Blending

(That’s right. It really is that simple, 3 ingredients! To make both of the pictured loaves, I use 8 cups of groats, 3 teaspoons of salt and 3 cups of water)


  • Soak the Buckwheat Groats overnight, covered.
  • In the morning, drain well in a colander, but don’t worry about rinsing.
  • When drained, blend the soaked groats with the salt and water or water kefir. You may want to do this in a couple of batches depending on the size and strength of your blender or food processor.
  • Put the blended mix, which will now look creamy and light, back into the bowl and cover again. Leave this mix for a further 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: Your mixture may not need a full 24 hours. In this time a light fermentation takes place which helps the bread to lighten. If you live somewhere very warm, please just leave it for 12 hours.

  • Pour the mixture into a greased bread baking tin. At this stage, I sometimes put some seeds on top, eg sunflower, pumpkin, linseed or sesame seeds.
  • Bake at 180 degrees Celcius, for 70 minutes. If your oven tends to be cool, set it at 200.
  • When baked, turn out of the tin to cool. I find it easiest to slice the whole loaf once it is completely cooled, and keep it in the fridge. It makes beautiful toast!

Serving Suggestions:

The favourite in our house is Avocado with a squeeze of lime or lemon. In this image, I’ve topped the recipe idea with Hemp Seeds, another wonderful source of Proteins, Amino Acids and all the best Omega Fats (EFA’s). Hemp seeds have just become a legal food for humans in New Zealand.

Anything you’d have on toast is good! Poached eggs, Jam, Peanut Butter, Cheese on toast grilled in the oven…and it’s absolutely delicious rubbed with Garlic, topped with butter or coconut oil while hot, then dipped in hot soup.

I hope your life is now changed – who has time to knead bread when you just need bread?? And if you’re like me, and you prefer gluten free but don’t want to buy rice bread, this is for you. It is truly satisfying to have home baked Gluten Free bread that will cost you around $5 to make. Trust me, you can earn quite a lot of Brownie Points with friends and family this way. Feel free to share it with them.

Happy Baking!

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