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4 Jul 2018

Get help now wherever you are – Distance Healing with Tania Marsden

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You are in the privacy and familiarity of your own home, or if you are travelling right now, whatever small sanctuary you have created for you…

You and I have an appointment. At an agreed upon time, I will be tuning into you wherever you are, from my Healing space here in beautiful Golden Bay, New Zealand.

It’s an hour and a half of deep relaxation and time out for you. It’s also a powerful session of energy balancing that works with every level of your being – Mind, Body, Spirit.

Before it begins, you’ll be welcome to share with me whatever you wish. What are you working on changing in your life, your health, your relationships, your work? You may not tell me anything at all – that’s ok – I’m talking directly with your body, the ‘innate’ wisdom within you that knows exactly how to help me help you most today.

What do you mean by ‘Innate’?

Imagine you’ve got the ultimate expert inside you. Innate is the conscious intelligence that orders and organises all of your systems and parts and processes. But your body knows about more than just your physical self. Your body is an extension of your consciousness, and that means your emotions, your patterns, your memories, your Belief Systems, everything that makes you, You. Unique. Not the same as anybody else, ever.

It makes sense that if we wanted to know about the relationship between your consciousness and your body, how all those things are affecting your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, that we’d talk directly to the one who knows!

So in the time I spend tuning into you, I’m asking just one really important question:

“What do you need today? Right Now? What is the biggest priority for your total wellbeing?”

I’ve got a lot of experience with this kind of tuning in having worked with energy and healing for over 20 years, so most of my sessions are now directly intuitive, but I tap into everything I’ve learned in my life time about how to shift energy and heal:

  • The BodyTalk System
  • Reiki Healing (Master/Teacher)
  • The WellSpring Essences (Vibrational healing remedies I produced)
  • Intuitive Guidance Readings
  • Space clearing (for example, cleansing people’s houses and land)
  • and many more spiritual practices that help our balance

What is likely to happen in the session?

Most people find they fall asleep, and that’s perfectly fine. But some of you will enjoy the feeling of deeper relaxation that is not-quite-asleep.. Sometimes there are beautiful visualisations that you experience, or insights that come to you. Emotions may flow. You might find yourself breathing deeply as energy is moving. Or you get quite stimulated or need to go to the toilet. Some people can feel a lot happening in their body, and others feel nothing at all – it’s a personal experience. And every experience is ‘correct’.

One thing that is clear to me is that the more you receive energy healing, the more your body responds. It’s like we get used to a ‘light touch’ and our body begins to really appreciate being honoured and asked – the better it gets, the better it gets! Over time, I’ve been able to fine tune my awareness of my own energy, so that I can feel when I’m having ‘a shift’ and now it’s very rare that my body has to get ‘sick’ to create these shifts. You will probably find the same – you’ll begin to feel when it’s time for another session, because you’ll be more aware of your own energy and want to work with it.

The session actually lasts a lot longer than the hour. In that time, I’ve reconnected energy circuits and asked your body to make changes and sort some things out, so over the next few days and weeks, your body will be busy doing what we asked it to do – healing!

What can a distance BodyTalk help you with?

Simply put – anything!!!

Physical pain, illness or injury – get the body’s systems and parts back into good communication so that the body heals itself .

Personal growth – getting clarity and validation of your unique inner gifts and life direction. BodyTalk is wonderful for guidance as we tap into and talk to your own innate wisdom. Belief systems that don’t serve you well can be seen and let go.

Overcoming fears – often these are rooted in past events and trauma’s. BodyTalk can release the ‘charge’ around these memories so you can move forward free of anxieties.

Mental Wellness – for depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia or any other mental health issue, BodyTalk is effective as we find the cause of the problem at deep unconscious levels. Importantly, we also address the physical causes such as nutritional deficiencies and put them right. 

Healing the Heart – recovering from loss or hurts, and getting emotions in balance. BodyTalk helps to keep the process moving in a graceful way. We can ease the tension and resistance so you can move forward and feel joy along with other feelings. 

Your bigger picture – BodyTalk can help you with your business, your family, events you are working toward – how you interact with your life and people around you. 

The gift of BodyTalk is that you may have a session that covers several or all of these, because in reality your physical, mental and personal wellbeing is all connected! 

To make an appointment:

Send me an email at this address: tania@taniamarsden.com

You can let me know what you would like to shift, and I will check in with your innate and work with that if I am able to. Your innate may have a much better idea for you than what you already know about, and may take you to much deeper places.

All enquiries are welcome, and confidential. The investment is $120 NZD. 

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