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This free course is under construction and will be running on Facebook in early September. Stay informed by signing up to my newsletter!

You are welcome to check out the first day of the course and learn the technique on the video. It can also be found on the home page.

What is the ‘Make Everyday Magic’ Free Course for Women about?

Let me share why I have chosen this name: ‘Make Everyday Magic’.

Firstly, Making Everyday Magic is a conscious choice. It’s your life, and you are the only one who can Make it Magic. The choice to fully accept and love who you are in this lifetime, and enjoy your own life knowing that you fulfill the purpose of it just by being deeply, passionately all of you, seems simple right? But it will require layers of letting go of that which you really are not, stuff that wasn’t really yours to begin with. And by showing up here, congratulations! – you’ve made that choice, maybe for the first time ever, or you are ready to make it. I had to make that choice too, and I’m here to tell you it’s worth it. I went through years of time wishing I was in ‘some other life’. I observed other people and thought that life was just much easier for them, so there must be something wrong with me, or maybe life was just being harder on me than other people.

Secondly, This isn’t a choice you’ll make just once, and then suddenly find that your life is transformed overnight! It’s one you’ll make each and Everyday. Because a magical life is an ongoing process, one that will never be ‘arrived at’ or done, until you really are done and you pass over. There will always be learning, growth edges, challenge, shift and expansion. I will help you to remember to keep making that choice, and to be ok with the process.

Thirdly, It’s hard to Make Everyday Magic if you can’t see the Magic in Everyday things. To be able to appreciate with all your senses the beauty of the world that is everywhere around you, to notice the intricate ways in which all of nature is connected, including your own physical self. To cultivate a sense of wonder and awe about how the planets move in perfect orbits and know that the same forces made you, while deliberately finding delicious pleasure in the simple necessities of life like the cooking of a meal for you or someone else you love. When we really take time to consider how incredible life is – from the largest objects in the Universe to the cells in your own body – we realise Magic is everywhere. It’s happening inside you all the time! We just need to open our eyes to see it.

So Life Itself is the Magical Adventure you’ve been looking for. You’re in it baby! You’ve travelled so far and experienced so much already. You are totally unique in the universe. It’s your dance, and only you can do it. The fact that you are here, created of stardust and birthed out of another human is a miracle in itself. If there is one fundamental feeling I would like you to anchor deep inside you forever from taking this course, that’s it – you already are everything you desire to be, and you have everything you need within you to experience your own life as a magical adventure.

Now…shall we begin? Remember it’s an adventure of a lifetime, and this is just a starting point.

It’s an initiation.

My intent is to help you look at yourself and life differently. And in so doing, to look at YOUR LIFE, differently. It is fertile ground for creating everything you really want. So let’s get started!

This course is designed to be taken over 5 days. Several times a year I run this course on Facebook where we have a dedicated group. During these Facebook courses I’m taking part along with you, guiding and connecting us all together. You may prefer to start right now, study at your own pace here and join the group later. You are welcome to do both!

Continue on to Lesson 1, where you’ll learn about how to balance yourself out of stress, to come from a more centred place.

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